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Rentokil Initial: Innovation in practice

Projects — 23.11.20.

Investors were sceptical about the benefits of innovation in Rentokil Initial’s world. This report shows them just how fundamental it is to the continuing success of this global leader.

We're pleased to say that the report has won a silver award, for 'Best Printed Annual Report' at the Corporate & Financial Awards 2020.

Airtel Africa: transforming lives

Projects — 09.09.20.

In its first annual report after listing in London and Nigeria in July 2019, Airtel Africa describes how it’s ‘Win with’ strategy is transforming lives.

Experian reporting: a better tomorrow

Insights — 09.09.20.

Experian is a unique investment proposition operating at the heart of the accelerating data and analytics revolution. The year to March 2020 was another successful period, although it concluded with the shadow of COVID-19 over the world.

M&S reporting: never the same again

Projects — 19.06.20.

M&S is transforming itself at pace into a lean and relevant digital retailer. Their reporting makes clear that the COVID-19 crisis means that they must now do more, faster.