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ESEF Update – Jan 2021

News — 06.01.21.

ESEF is a new annual reporting filing requirement, which provides your report in a digital package that is tagged with additional data (iXBRL). Following some confusion and debate over the precise requirements, we are pleased that the UK government has recently announced some crucial clarifications, and that it has taken a pragmatic approach to the implementation of ESEF.

A dog for Christmas: Friend's charity donation

News — 16.12.20.

This year, Friend have made a donation to Dogs on the Street, DOTS. They are a voluntary ran and not-for-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community. If you're inspired to take a look at the work they do for dogs and sometimes their owners to, then they have a website: https://www.dogsonthestreets.org

ESEF made easy

Viewpoint — 01.12.20.

When planning your annual reporting over the next year, ESEF compliance will very likely be one of your main priorities, and the process will need input and checks from a number of reporting project stakeholders including finance, cosec and legal teams. Friend Studio supports its clients with ESEF, offering cost-effective, ESEF-compliant solutions that provide the best of fully designed reporting in iXBRL format.

Naked Wines: the start of something new

Projects — 23.11.20.

Naked Wines’ remarkably approachable and engaging 2020 report explains why shareholders should believe in the enormous growth potential of the business.

The Report has won Best Annual Report (AIM) at the IR Society Best Practice Awards.

Rentokil Initial: Innovation in practice

Projects — 23.11.20.

Investors were sceptical about the benefits of innovation in Rentokil Initial’s world. This report shows them just how fundamental it is to the continuing success of this global leader.

We're pleased to say that the report has won a silver award, for 'Best Printed Annual Report' at the Corporate & Financial Awards 2020.

Airtel Africa: transforming lives

Projects — 09.09.20.

In its first annual report after listing in London and Nigeria in July 2019, Airtel Africa describes how it’s ‘Win with’ strategy is transforming lives.