Standard Chartered

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As a leading international bank, Standard Chartered helps people and businesses prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Listed on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges, its footprint across more than 50 countries connects emerging and high-growth markets with more established economies.

Our partnership with the bank is focussed on its extensive reporting suite, all published on the same day as the results announcement, demanding incredible planning, collaboration and skill from everyone involved. We work alongside Standard Chartered’s team in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chennai and Washington DC to deliver the full suite comprising the PLC report, Strategic report, Bank annual report, Pillar 3 report, online versions of these reports plus other ESG documents and the Press release.

Following the recent introduction of the ESEF requirements, we also delivered the first mandatory ESEF filing of all UK listed companies, publishing the report on the FCA’s National Storage Mechanism at 5am on results announcement day.