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Experian plays a vital role in the financial ecosystem, enabling millions of people and thousands of organisations to access financial services – transforming lives and delivering better outcomes for people, businesses and communities.


We’ve worked with the team at the global information services company for a good while now, improving their reporting suite every year. As a unique business, with no UK listed peers, its vital that the reports enable audiences to clearly understand what Experian does, and that it is an enabler for customers and consumers, rather than a barrier – a common view of the credit bureaus of the past.



A key aspect of this is Experian’s commitment to financial inclusion, which is central to its business and purpose, as well as the sole focus of its sustainability report which is titled the Improving Financial Health Report.



All the reports also portray the essence of Experian, a sophisticated technology business, constantly innovating to improve its services and create new opportunities.



We’ve also been innovative in the delivery of the reporting suite, in particular by publishing a world first in digital reporting – a future-ready fully interactive ESEF annual report which unlocks the digital potential of the new requirement to report in a ‘single electronic format’. This next generation of XBRL reporting format helps deliver future compliance and communications in one digital report.